We are a family txakoli winery located in Laudio (Araba) with our own vineyards of Hondarrabi Zuri, Zerratia and Riesling. Txakoli has been made in our lands since the 20th century.

The winery is currently managed by Josu Egoitz Zubiaur, a 4th generation dedicated to making txakoli.


The tradition of making txakoli goes back to 4 generations of the family.

In the beginning, txakoli was produced for family consumption and for pilgrims who passed through the Alto de Garate.

The professionalization of the activity comes with Josu Egoitz Zubiaur after leaving the kitchen where he trained as a chef.



The varieties grown in the 4Ht of our own vineyards are mainly Hondarrabi Zuri, but also Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia and Riesling.

The treatments are mainly organic, avoiding chemical products that in the long run deteriorate both the vines and the land.


The small winery is among the vineyards with which we make our txakolis and vermouth

In the winery we have the most modern facilities for making txakoli in the traditional way, as our ancestors did.

The handling of the grapes is practically manual, thus taking care of the final product.

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